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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up? And how early?

Sign up online via the multiple forms on our website. Each page featuring a trip comes with a sign up form. We will then get in touch with you to provide you with some more information on the trip and its formalities (payment, insurance…). If you don’t like forms, e-mail or phone us and we’ll take care of everything.

Be sure to sign up two weeks before departure.


How many people are coming?

Each expedition has a minimum number of 10 people versus a maximum number of 18 people.

You may be nervous knowing that you will be traveling with strangers, but know that all of our travelers come with the same motivation and open mindedness concerning traveling to new places and meeting new people. With the help of your guide, a positive and cooperative group dynamic with certainly be established.


Can I bring children with me?

We don’t have age restrictions, so you can bring younger family members.

However, do consider that some of our trips include spending a long time away from home, long hikes or unexpected situations that might require the kids or teens to keep calm.


Is our guide Portuguese?

Yes. All the guides currently working with us are Portuguese, and they are accessible and experienced leaders who have travelled around the world and can speak several languages. One of our guides once single-handedly rescued and entire group from a ferocious pack of mountain lions… okay, it was just a squirrel that bit someone on the nose, but still…


Are you trips physically demanding?

Our expeditions do include a lot of hiking, and traveling itself can be tiresome. Being in shape can help, but no, our trips aren’t terribly exhausting. We want you to have a good time.


What about Covid? Do I have to take a test?

Pandemic restrictions, as we all know it, can vary according to country. However, we aren’t expecting to hear about any limitations soon, especially not in Portugal. We’re pretty sure you won’t have to take a test, nor wear a mask (unless you want to). Still, we don’t recommend traveling when you have tested positive for Covid.


What if it rains?

There isn’t such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Even on a rainy day, we will be able to maintain our plans. Just perhaps shelter a bit more.

However, if the weather conditions are truly adverse, we will not put our group at risk, and we will redefine our activities in the best possible way.


How do we stay safe? I don’t want to get mugged.

We advise our travelers to look after each other and give each other a hand when necessary, but you will be safe with your guide. Take all the usual safety precautions and keep an eye on your bag. If you wish, it’s never a bad idea to register in your phone the emergency number from the country you are visiting. Just follow your guide’s instructions and everything will run smoothly.


What if I get ill or injure myself?

Your guide will take over any emergency situations, as they are prepared to do so. In general, hotels and lodgings are equipped for health-related situations. Even when camping, we will always have a way to contact people. If anything happens, your guide will make sure that you get proper medical care and that you are able to return safely to your country.

If you have any allergies or diseases, we advise you to tell us about it, so that we can ensure that you will be more comfortable on your trip.


Do I have to buy anything before I go? Like shampoo?

You won’t have to buy anything, really, unless you need some light or waterproof materials in your wardrobe, sunglasses and proper hiking shoes. If you’re coming with us on a safari, for instance, you might want to know what to wear right here, on our Adventure Blog.

We advise our travelers to read about what each airline or country allows you to take or not.

When it comes to personal higiene products, bring those you feel you need, although the hotels and lodges we’ll be staying at usually offer everything you need, as usual.


Can I take my camera?

Yes, feel free to do so.


Who’s driving the SUVs?

The SUVs will be distributed among the travelers, so you can volunteer to drive or even take turns. If you’ve never driven an SUV, don’t worry. You will get some instructions and you won’t stray far from roads, even if they are made of earth and gravel.

For some tips on how to drive these, read all about it right here on our Adventure Blog.


Can prices change? Like flight tickets?

Prices will not change.


Do I have to take any money?

We advise you to exchange your currency in the country we’re visiting, both for emergency situations or personal expenses. You can sign up for popular debit cards like Revolut, or exchange currency at your bank before you come.


Do I have to speak Portuguese or some other language?

No. If you’re not Portuguese, you only need to speak reasonable English. And since you’re reading this, you probably do.


I have other questions.

We are happy to answer them. E-mail us at, or give us a call: +351 963 048 330.

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