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Portugal, where life feels good

Well, there’s more to Portugal than 360 sunny days in the year. Who would say such a small country can offer so many adventures and pleasures?

The Portuguese have always been explorers, and they are now inviting the rest of the world to drop sail with them.

Dig out this treasure and feel the century-old layers of History on your skin. Palaces, castles, forts — the rich art and architecture is almost as good as the valleys lit in gold at sunset, the soothing white beaches, the excitement of the sea. The ocean, the mountains, the blue sky… There is so much to see and do, but the rhythm is slow here. You calm down. You take a deep breath. You’re home. You’re with family.

Portugal is also the strong, comforting flavors of gastronomy — made unforgettable by the hands of a people that respects the land and the sea, and extracts from a truly genuine sense of taste.

There is much to discover, and there is not better company than that of the Portuguese. They are full of soul and fire, and always open-armed, always happy to welcome travelers in this adventure.

Embark on this journey with Start Adventure, and discover this unique paradise.

The world is in love with Portugal

Portugal was chosen as the best tourist destination in Europe for the 5th time in six years. All eyes are on the California of Europe, where surfers rule the giant waves of Nazaré, which burst with thrilling fireworks of white foam.

And it’s not just Portugal, but the Portuguese which make their country a destination full of love and life. Sing and dance with them when Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal, and you will see that life is worth living (especially here).

The Portuguese people has fought for its independence in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1279, Portugal became an independent kingdom. Its frontiers have remained the same ever since. These are some of the oldest frontiers in the world.

Portugal was also an absolute leader in nautical science, having explored the oceans like no other country and having established sea routes across the whole world — and we really are talking about the whole world!

How could someone resist to this paradise where live feels so good? It’s a place that prizes well-being, thanks to its enviable weather, the hot sun and the pure air, and its modern SPA’s built in peace with nature.

What are you waiting for? Come fall in love with Portugal with Start Adventure.

Program details

Day 1 | Arrival in Lisbon
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    Transfer during the afternoon from the airport to the hotel in the center of Lisbon.

    Welcome to Lisbon: A stroll through the historical downtown, Baixa-Chiado, with short food tastings in the typical food stalls in Lisbon. Along the way we will take the first photos and selfies in the quaint city of Lisbon.

    Around 7PM, we will attend the unforgettable show Fado in Chiado. (Fado is part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage), followed by a stroll around the iconic streets and alleys of Lisbon. We will stop by the Museum of Beer for a journey of the flavours of Portuguese beer, and here we will dine.

    Overnight stay: Lisbon | Hotel: Áurea Museum by Eurostars Hotel Company (Near Alfama)

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Day 2 | Lisbon
  • null

    On this day we’re in for a fun voyage in Lisbon aboard an amphibious bus, which will take us around the city and into the river Tejo for a boat ride. You weren’t expecting that!

    We will have the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic monuments and lookouts over the Tejo (where you can take some outstanding pictures) as well as some of the museums in the city.

    And don’t worry, we are adamant that you try the famous Portuguese Pastéis de Belém, deliciously warm custard pies that will send you straight to food heaven.

    At night, we will visit Alfama, one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Lisbon, where we are to have dinner. 

    Overnight stay: Lisbon | Hotel: Áurea Museum by Eurostars Hotel Company (Near Alfama)

Day 3 | Óbidos – Nazaré – Fátima
  • null

    We leave Lisbon and head to the medieval town of Óbidos, followed by the word-known beach of Nazaré (the set of the Guinness World Record for largest surfed wave, achieved by Garret McNamara). We’ll have lunch here and visit the beach and the lighthouse, and we will find the Nazarenas of the seven skirts — these are local women who work with the fishermen and wear seven colorful skirts.

    We will visit the imposing monastery of Batalha (UNESCO heritage) and head for Fátima, where you can find one of the most important religious sanctuaries in Portugal and Europe, which welcomes thousands of pilgrims every years.

    Overnight stay: Fátima | Hotel: Dom Gonçalo e SPA

Day 4 | Knights Templar Route: Almoroul – Tomar – Dornes
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    This day will be dedicated to the historical legacy left by the Knights Templar in Portugal. We’ll start the day at the medieval Castle of Almouroul. It was built right in the middle of the Tejo river, and it integrates the Templar Interpretation Center, which we will visit as well.

    We will then head to Tomar, where we will experience lunch in a medieval setting, and visit the famous Covent of Christ (UNESCO heritage), former headquarters of the Knights Templar. Yes, for real.

    The end of the say will be spent at Dornes, a village with a brook that is considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal, which includes the enigmatic Pentagonal Templar Tower. After musing over the whereabouts of the lost Templar treasure and the Holy Grail… we will set off to Porto.

    Overnight stay: Porto | Hotel: Vila Gale Porto – Centro

The brave Knights Templar

Medieval adventures, shining chainmail and the sound of clashing swords. Portugal has it!

The Templar knights were a Christian military order founded during the Crusades. Their main mission was to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land, Jerusalem.

Portugal was the first kingdom where the Templars were established and the last where they resided, for king Denis was the only monarch to protect them when they were persecuted across the whole of Europe.

The exciting medieval culture still lives and breathes in Portugal

Day 5 | Porto
  • null

    In Porto, we will start the day at one of the most famous wine cellars of port wine. Then we are in for a treat: a lovely boat ride around the Douro river, followed by a visit to Porto, a city that is part of the UNESCO heritage. What isn’t a heritage in Portugal?

    We will have the chance of popping into Lello Bookshop (which is said to have inspired a similar bookshop in the Harry Potter series). After that, let’s enjoy the gastronomy of the north and visit some of the iconic settings of Porto, like Bolhão Market.

    Overnight stay: Porto | Hotel: Vila Gale Porto – Centro

Day 6 | Aveiro – Luso
  • null

    In the morning, we head to Aveiro, nicknamed the Portuguese Venice, where we will enjoy an exciting boat ride in the canals. We’ll have lunch in this romantic setting.

    Then, we will head to Luso. This is a place of natural beauty, famous for its thermal waters. We are weary travelers, so let us rest and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation at the SPA.

    Overnight stay: Luso | Hotel: Grande Hotel do Luso


Be well in Luso

The rain that infiltrates in the beautiful mountain range of Bussaco, passes through quartz rocks and circulates at great depths. It warms up to 30Cº, being eventually pushed out to the surface.

This is how the precious mineral water of Luso is formed. This rich thermal water has been used since the beginning of the 20th century to treat chronic illnesses of the breathing and the circulatory systems, of the skin and many others.

The Thermal Waters of Luso have since been upgraded and are a lovely spot to spend a day dedicated to health, in such a serene environment full of nature and history.

Day 7 | Sintra – Cabo da Roca – Cascais – Lisbon
  • null

    As the program is heading to a close, we will visit the amazing, unforgettable Sintra. Here, we will explore its beautiful palaces and its rich, romantic heritage, like Palácio da Pena.

    We will have the opportunity of visiting Cabo da Roca, the most western point of Europe, and the elegant town of Cascais. Then, we are off to Lisbon, where we’ll enjoy the evening at a cultural show.

    Overnight stay: Lisbon | Hotel: Áurea Museum by Eurostars Hotel Company (Near Alfama)


Day 8 | Lisbon
  • null

    Free morning to shop for last minute souvenirs, and to stroll around Lisbon.

    Transfer to the airport.

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Price and Terms

The price includes

  • Stay at hotels

  • Breakfasts

  • Lunches

  • Dinners

  • 1 gastronomic tasting in Lisbon

  • Bus trips

  • Transfers from the airport

  • Boat trips

  • Tour guide

  • Entries to monuments

  • 1 SPA & Thermal experience

  • Entries to shows

The price does not include

  • Personal expenses

  • Snacks, drinks and food outside of any main meals

  • Any other expenses beyond those included in the program and mentioned above


Conditions and terms:


  • Min: 20 adventurers
  • Max: 50 adventurers

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