Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. Ownership
  2. Web page access
  3. Intellectual property rights
  4. Contents
  5. Changes to the page
  6. Liability
  7. Terms of reservation/booking and purchase
  8. Applicable law

1. Ownership

1.1 The website, including logos, registered brands, author’s rights, copyright and services in it preset are the property of STARTADVENTURE, LDA, company with registered office at Rua Miguel Franco, n.º 84, R/C B, 2400-191 Leiria, by Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Leiria (Commercial Registry Office of Leiria), with the Legal Person Identification Number 515 933 856, with share capital of 6000,00€, and RNAVT(Registo Nacional das Agências de Viagens e Turismo, or the Official Agencies of the Turismo de Portugal) number 9924.

1.2 The economic activity code for STARTADVENTURE, LDA is 79110-R3 – Atividades de agências de viagem (Activities of tourism agencies).

1.3 The following terms of use for the website are destined to establish the terms and conditions of use by which the information and content on the website will be accessed, as well as how reservations/bookings and payments to final customers (from now one named “user(s)”.

1.4 STARTADVENTURE, LDA reserves the right to insert, alter and remove, without previous warning, any information in these Terms of Use. The user is responsible for reviewing this content every time they check or book trips on the website Using this very website, also upon any changes made by STARTADVENTURE, LDA, will be considered as the tacit approval of the terms.


2. Web page access

STARTADVENTURE, LDA and the users of the website agree that the access to the website, as well as viewing, using or any contract resulting from it, is ruled by these terms of use.

By using this website, users accept fully and without any reservation each and every term of use published on the web page and in existence at the moment the users use this portal, especially the terms on liability and for the supply of tourism or travel services. Therefore, users are advised to read carefully these terms of use before using the portal, given that these may have changed since the last time they used it.

STARTADVENTURE, LDA reserves the right to deny access to the web page without previous warning, being only allowed users over 18 years old and/or legally capable of doing so. With no resulting from the previous statement, both parties agree to observe all legislation and norms applicable to the referred website and any reservations or bookings conducted by any intermediary.


3. Intellectual property rights

3.1 The website is for personal use and not the comercial use by the user, being only meant for the purposes stated in these terms of use. All reproduction, transmission, exhibition, publication, distribution, making available to the public, creation of derived work, modification, adaptation, translation, transfer or selling of any information, product or service obtained through this website and any other ways of exploring, fully or in part, of the content and materials in the website (namely text, images, software, audio clips) must respect the intellectual property rights held by STARTADVENTURE, LDA, which is protected by the Portuguese and the international copyright laws and whose intellectual property is barred without previous written authorization by STARTADVENTURE, LDA.

3.2. The use, acquisition or storage of content, materials, functions and information available on the website can only be conducted through the means provided to do so. These cannot be used without the written consent of só pode ser efectuada pelos meios previstos e fornecidos no mesmo. Without the written consent of STARTADVENTURE, LDA, it is forbidden the partial removal of text and/or images and their reproduction in another context, or the full or partial of the website on another website.

3.3 Clients will recognize and accept that the contents, elements and intellectual property rights (including without any limitation on author rights and associated rights, copyright, product or service brand and industrial secrets) associated with the website belonging to STARTADVENTURE, LDA and that clients receive or access are exclusive property of STARTADVENTURE, LDA or its suppliers.


4. Contents

The contents of the webpage in the World Wide Web are protected by author’s rights Copyright © STARTADVENTURE, LDA. All rights which are not strictly given by this regulation are reserved rights. The reproduction, transfer, distribution, storage in part or fully of the contents under any means, without previous written authorization, is forbidden, unless it is done accordingly to the following terms. STARTADVENTURE, LDA allows you to visualize this website in your computer or to print copies of page excerpts exclusively for personal use and not for redistribution, unless STARTADVENTURE, LDA allows it in writing. Some documents in the World Wide Web may be subject to additional terms of use indicated in those same documents.

Users recognize and accept:

– That, unless agreed otherwise, they do not acquire any addition right over the content;

– That the content, direct or indirectly received or to which you have access to, is exclusive property of STARTADVENTURE, LDA or its suppliers, which will remain the only owners of the content.


5. Changes to the page

5.1 STARTADVENTURE, LDA may make improvements or changes to the information, elements, data, services and other parts of this website, or cancel it at any time and with no need of previous warning.

5.2 STARTADVENTURE, LDA may modify these terms of use in the website at any time, and any modification will be valid from the moment it is introduced to the website.

5.3 Consequently, the access and later use of the website presupposes the acceptance of the clients of the new terms of use.

5.4 STARTADVENTURE, LDA may suspend the access tot he website over maintenance, network security or reasons of force majeure, with no need for previous warning.

5.5 This website is intended for the exclusive access of the public for the purpose of obtaining information on the products offered by STARTADVENTURE, LDA and so that they may be able to make reservations and book trips. We do not accept bookings by travel agencies or by other persons as intermediaries for legal/collective persons, unless that has been previously agreed with STARTADVENTURE, LDA.


6. Liability

6.1. Without limitation of the general terms of sale available on the website and within what is legally required, STARTADVENTURE, LDA does not provide guarantees of property, non-infringement, implied guarantees of the possibility of commercialization or adaptation for any specific means, relating to availability, precision, reliability or the content of this website.

6.2. Within the limit of what is permitted by law, under no circumstances may STARTADVENTURE, LDA be considered responsible for any loss or damage, including lost profit and damages arising, which are directly or indirectly associated with the use or the inability of use of the contents, materials, functions and information made available through the website, even if STARTADVENTURE, LDA has been informed of the possibility of any damage occurring.

6.3. Within the limit of what is permitted by law, it is included in the limitation of liability as provided in the previous item all damage to the client’s computer resulting from using the website and any eventual damage provoked by the dissemination of virus, “trojans”, “worms”, whatever its origin and means of dissemination.

6.4. All contents, materials, functions and information made available on the website, or through it, are provided as they appear in the website and as they are disclosed, with no guarantee of any kind by STARTADVENTURE, LDA.

6.5. The website may contain information, addresses and other materials of other websites that do not belong to STARTADVENTURE, LDA, and for which those other websites are exclusively responsible for and which have authorship over. STARTADVENTURE, LDA is not responsible for the informations, addresses or materials included in those websites.

6.6. The website may contain links to third-party websites. Such links are merely informative and STARTADVENTURE, LDA does not take any responsibility for the accuracy, integrity or legality of the contents of those websites and for eventual information, opinions, products or services offered in them. STARTADVENTURE, LDA does not possess any control over third-party websites concerning their confidentiality, security and other risks.

6.7 The client is responsible, in any case, for the truthfulness of the data they provide, and STARTADVENTURE, LDA reserves the right to exclude from any registered service any client who provides fake data, without prejudice to any other actions which may transit to legal recourse.

6.8 By sending materials to any server of STARTADVENTURE, LDA via e-mail or through the website, the client agrees to the following:

(i) the materials cannot contain any element that is illegal or inadequate for publication;

(ii) the client must seek and eliminate any virus or other destructive elements before presenting any material;

(iii) the client owns the material that they send or has unlimited rights to send it;

(iv) STARTADVENTURE, LDA is allowed to publish those same material without any charges or obligations, and/or incorporate them or any of the concepts described in its products.


7. Terms of reservation and purchase

To all reservations made are applied the general terms of purchase of the services/products available in this website, prevailing over each and every reservation the following terms:

7.1 All reservations made on the website are under the existing rules for tourism and trip bookings and reservations, and so there are time limits to payment;

7.2 After the full payment of the reservation, its confirmation, and its successful reception by our services, you will receive the documents that concern your trip via e-mail. We advise you to, on all occasions, make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct and working well.

7.3 All services provided on the website are subject to rules for cancellation and/or alteration, which vary according to the acquired product and which are presented upon reservation. The most restrictive airfares and some other products may suffer cancellation fees of up to 100% of the paid value. After booking, you will be informed of the respective terms of the trip. Cancellation rules are applicable after document issuing, or after your booking confirmation via payment for guaranteeing your places on the trip.

7.4 Any refunds you may have the right to will be processed within a time limit of 12 working days.

7.5 The fee applied will be determined by age as the trip ends and/or stay, in which, for example, a child that starts a trip at 11 years old and turns 12 years old will be considered an adult.

For this purpose, we confirm the following:

Babies – Children from 0 to 23 months old

Children – Children between 2 and 11 years old

Discounts or special fees for children are subject to specific terms set by our suppliers and subject to availability at the time of booking.


8. Applicable law

To all matters of dispute resulting from the interpretation or execution of these terms for use is applied the Portuguese legislation.