Route N2

Portugal North to South

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— Route Nacional 2

Let’s hit the road and cross the marvelous landscapes of Portugal from North to South, literally. Start Adventure’s new route cover the celebrated Estrada Nacional — from Mile 0 in Chaves all the way to Faro and the 738 roundabout, which marks the end of the route.

In this unique expedition slicing Portugal in half, we shall visit the North and include Vidago and also the Thermal Park of Pedras Salgadas, beyond the Lamego river. One of the most genuine celebrations of the arrival of spring still take place here, where you can meet colorful figures wearing traditional wooden masks made by craftspeople of Lazarim. We will cover many other spots of great beauty, like the historical city center of Viseu, the Bookshop of Mondego, and the Portugal Geodasic Center in the district of Castelo Branco.

The stunning colors of the Portuguese landscape, in the mountains, the valleys and the beach will always accompany us through Alentejo and Algarve, where a magnificent sunset awaits us at Ilha de Faro, or Island of Faro.


The origin story of Estrada Nacional 2, or Route N2, goes back to 1945 and improvements in road planning with the objective of linking the North to the South of Portugal in one swoop. This route was actually built from already existing roads — some parts even take on ancient Roman paths.

With a total length of 738,5 km, N2 is therefore the oldest road in Portugal, slicing the country in half vertically. It is the perfect route to see Portugal as a whole: beautiful landscapes, many of which part of UNESCO World Heritage, such as the river Douro. The diversity in its regions is immense and filled with treasure such as the thermal waters of Chaves, Vidago and Pedras Salgadas, and the peaceful rivers that run along the route,  Tâmego, Lamego and Tejo, among others.

The road pierces plaines of rich colors in Alentejo, full of ancient history and flavorful gastronomy — and culminates in a happy catharsis in the sunny Algarve, where the sea and the cliffs of Faro delight the weary traveler.

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⃛17/11/2022 to 20/11/2022

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—Program details

Day 1 - Chaves
  • null

    Arrival in Chaves and stay at the Castelo Hotel.

  • null

    20h00 – Dinner at the traditional restaurant Adega Faustino.

Day 2 - Viseu
  • null

    09:00 – Departure from Chaves.

    Route N2 starts in Chaves by the legendary Mile 0 in Bairro da Madalena, in the roundabout by the public garden of rotunda Chaves.

  • null

    09:30 – Arrival in Vidago.

    Visit to a famous water spring at the Thermal Park of Pedras Salgadas which dates from the 19th century. Among the most noteworthy spots of the park is the Thermal Bath house, the old Casino, the iconic fountain of Pedras Salgadas (time to taste the famous water!).

  • null

    10:00 – Departure from Vidago.

  • null

    10:30 – Arrival in Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

    Coffee break and visit to the Pena de Aguiar Castle (where you can enjoy wonderful mountainous landscapes).

  • null

    11:00 – Departure from Vila Pouca de Aguiar and stopping by Vila Real and Santa Marta.

    Slight detour to the viewpoint of São Leonardo de Galafura, with one of the most iconic panoramic views of Douro.

  • null

    12:00 – Arrival in Peso da Régua

    Visit to the cellars of Quinta da Pacheca, with wine tasting and lunch.

  • null

    15:00 – Departure from Quinta da Pacheca towards Lamego.

  • null

    15:30 – Arrival in Lamego and visit to the Sanctuary of Nossa senhora dos Remédios.

    Stop by the village of Colo de Pito to show off your photography skills.

  • null

    16:30 – Arrival in the quaint village of Lazarim (Lamego), where the arrival of spring is celebrated by pagan figures in wooden masks. Visit to the Interpretational Center of the Iberian Mask.

  • null

    17:30 – Departure from Lazarim stopping by S. Pedro do Sul and the mountain range of Serra de São Macário.

  • null

    18:00 – Arrival in Viseu: historical city center, Porta dos Cavaleiros(Kight’s Door), Statue of Viriato(the leader of pre-Roman Portugal). Break for a free visit and a taste of the local pastries (Suggestion: try a Viriato at the bakery Confeitaria Amaral).

  • null

    Dinner at the restaurant Santa Luzia, and stay at Montebelo Congress Viseu.

Day 3 - Abrantes
  • null

    09:00 – Departure from Viseu towards Santa Comba Dão.

  • null

    10:00 – Visit to the house where Oliveira Salazar, a dictator for 30 years in Portugal, was born. He created this very Route N2.

  • null

    10:30 – Departure from Santa Comba Dão stopping by Penacova, Albufeira da Barragem da Aguieira and the Bookshop of Mondego, a natural monument that the weather carved over millions of years and that resembles books arranged vertically in a shelf. Stop at Vila Nova de Poiares, Lousã and Góis.

    Visit to the villages of Picha and Venda da Gaita for picture-taking.

  • null

    13:00 – Arrival in Sertã, where we will have lunch at the restaurant Ponte Velha, located right next to one of the mile stones of N2, kilometer 345.

  • null

    15:00 – Departure from Sertã stopping by Vila de Rei.

  • null

    15:45 – Visit and photo at the Geodesic Center of Portugal.

  • null

    16:15 – Departure and stop by Penedo Furado for a moment in touch with nature and observing in loco the beauty of the natural waterfalls and trails of the wonderful place.

  • null

    17:45 – Arrival in Abrantes. Free to visit the historical center and castle. Stay at the Luna Turismo Hotel and dinner at the restaurant A Velha.

Day 4 - Faro
  • null

    9h00 – Departure from Abrantes, stopping by Ponte de Sor, Retas Sul do Tejo, Barragem de Montargil, Mora and the village of Brotas with its sanctuary.

  • null

    10:30 – Visit to the village of Ciborro, where the iconic mile stone that signals Kilometer 500 of Estrada Nacional 2.

  • null

    11:30 – We’ll stop by Montemor o Novo, and then Alcáçovas to visit Paço dos Henriques and see the wonderful traditional rattle exhibition 100 Chocalhos.

  • null

    12:15 – Departure from Alcáçovas stopping by Ferreira do Alentejo, Aljustrel, Minas de Aljustrel.

  • null

    13:30 – Arrival in Castro Verde. Lunch at the restaurant O Castro.

  • null

    15:30 – Departure from Castro Verde stopping by Almodôvar. We will go through the century-old bridge Ponte Medieval, or medieval bridge, over the stream Ribeira de Cobres.

    Between Almodôvar and São Brás de Alportel, we will stop by the stream Ribeira do Vascão, a natural frontier between Alentejo and Algarve, the sleepy village of Ameixial, home to the well-known Walking Festivals of Portugal and also a short stop at the unforgettable viewpoint Miradouro da Serra do Caldeirão.

  • null

    18:30 – Arrival in Faro. Visit to the roundabout 738, which signals the last mile of Estrada Nacional, for another great picture of this legendary trip. Check-In at the Hotel Faro Beach Club.

    Visit the ilha de Faro, or Faro island, one of the most iconic places of the Portuguese south, to behold the Algarve landscape as night falls.

  • null

    20:30 – Dinner at the restaurant Tertúlia Algarvia near the seaport of Faro in the old part of town, after which we are free to wander around the historical center of Faro.

Dia 5 - Return
  • null

    Return home.

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