Sobre nós

Our quest

Start Adventure offers travelers uncommon expeditions in a small group format, be it in exotic and generally unknown places or in Portugal, where hidden corners and gems abound.

An independent spirit is part of our identity and so we want to give each and everyone the individual experience of traveling, accompanied by safety and companionship.

We are born travelers: which always implied a deep respect for nature and culture, leaving behind nothing more than our footprints. To see wild animals in their natural habitat or gaze upon news landscapes is a privilege, something precious that must be preserved and respected.

Sérgio Antunes

Founder partner

Sérgio is a Marketing graduate and an enthusiast of management. Besides Start Adventure, he created and runs an insurance company since 2008. He’s serious about his work, but also extremely positive. To him, each day brings new possibilities and new choices… He can barely wait to embark on his next trip.

Emanuel São Bento

Founding partner

One of the founding partners of Start Adventure, Emanuel is also a partner and intermediary in insurance. He enjoys working and is a persistent professional… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy having fun. After all, he is an aviator too. He loves to travel and see the world, especially from the air.

Jorge Oliveira

Founding partner

Jorge has been a partner and insurance intermediary since 1999, and has helped to form a couple of companies besides Start Adventure. He’s passionate about helping people, and has a sharp moral compass… And speaking of compasses, he doesn’t miss a chance to travel and see far off places.